Top 5 House Cleaning Tips To Get Your Home Spick And Span

If house cleaning seems to be too much of a burden to you then you are probably not doing it correctly. While there is no doubt that you’ll need to use quite a bit of elbow grease to clean up your home, you can definitely bring down your workload if you work smart and not just hard. This article has provided top 5 house cleaning tips which will be of great use to you by helping you reduce the time needed to complete your chores:

House cleaningHave the right equipment handy. You need to buy the right brooms (fine bristles for indoor cleaning and stiff bristles for outdoor areas), dusters (microfiber is best for picking up all dust particles instead of moving them from one place to another) and high quality cleaning products (buy products for different surfaces such as tile, glass, wood etc.). You’ll also need a toothbrush to clean away dirt from inaccessible areas.

Always approach cleaning from top to bottom. This means that you have to start cleaning higher surfaces and work your way to the floor. This ensures that you sweep away all crumbs and particles that lie on the table or the counter tops.

Tidy up the house before you start cleaning. Fold clothes, including bed linen, and put them away in the right place. If you keep surfaces as tidy and uncluttered as possible then you will be able to dust them without having to pick up and clean under many things.

Pre-treat areas that have accumulated dirt or stains. Pour cleaning solution into the toilet bowl and leave it there for at least 20 minutes. Spray cleaning solution on bathroom tiles and sink where they seem the dirtiest. You will find the most dirt near the drain and also around the area you generally stand when you bathe. If you leave the cleaning solution for a while then you’ll be able to clean the dirt away relatively easily.

Avoid making a mess unwittingly. Use a damp (not wet) cloth to clean surfaces or else you will leave water marks everywhere. You should also wipe the surfaces dry with a clean and dry cloth after you have cleaned them so that all water tracks can be removed.

House cleaning becomes a manageable task as long as you do things correctly. In fact, you should be able to take care of day to day cleaning on your own. You can always call a maid service to do heavy duty cleaning once a month or so.

Best pressure washer for cleaning patios

Cleaning your patio with a garden hose and some suds can be a pain, and pressure washers make the job a lot easier. By paying attention to a few things, picking out the best pressure washer is pretty easy.

How do they work?

According to many pressure washer reviews, these machines use a power source (engine run on gas, or motor run by electricity) to provide power to a pump. The water source is at low (house) pressure. The pump forces the water through a nozzle, which concentrates the water. The water coming out of the nozzle is at a much higher pressure than the intake water. A pressure washer has way more cleaning power than a garden hose and lets you clean outdoor items, including your patio, much more efficiently

Fuel type – gas vs. electric

Gasoline and electricity are by far the most common pressure washer fuel types. Electric pressure washers are probably more suited to smaller and lighter items like vehicles and patio furniture. Their primary advantages are that they’re easier to start (just flipping a switch), cleaner, and lighter than gas pressure washers. Gas pressure washers provide more power and are suited for the really tough and larger jobs, like cleaning patios and decks.

Power ratings

Pressure output in pounds per square inch (PSI) is the defining factor as far as what kinds of jobs a power washer can handle. Light duty pressure washers output less than 2000 PSI. They’re probably best suited for patio furniture, siding, and vehicles, but they can handle patios. Medium duty pressure washers output 2000 to 2800 PSI. They can manage the same kinds of jobs as light duty models but are geared more towards patios and similar projects. There are heavy duty and extra heavy (professional) duty rated washers, but they’re usually used to clean driveways, sidewalks, and second story exteriors, as well as paint prep.

Renting or buying?

There are several things to consider when making the choice whether to rent or buy. How often will you use it? Is patio cleaning (and other chores) something you do once a year in the spring or early summer? Or are you going to clean your patio a few times, and maybe also use the pressure washer for other products? If you’re only going to use the pressure washer once a year, then you’re probably better off renting; if it’s going to be used more often, buying is probably right for you.

How much money do you plan on spending? Depending on where you live, renting a pressure washer will probably run you $60 for a day. Buying a reasonable quality pressure washer can run less than $350.

Upkeep and repairs are another consideration. If you don’t want the hassle of maintenance and possible repairs, renting is the way to go.


Pressure washers are very useful tools. It’s not that difficult to figure out which one is the best pressure water for your patio.




Best ways to clean your car

Your car is the one thing that individuals will constantly see, at home, at work, wherever you go. So it’s vital to keep the outside, and the inside of your car clean at all circumstances. This is because you may not know when you might need to give a companion a ride.

The steps here are simple guides to keep your car. You may have your car sparkling when you do this. The main tip to have your car shine is to clean it in the cold day. It will keep away from the marks on your lovely car.

car cleaningYou have to prepare every one of the requirements close to you so you may reach them effortlessly. To show signs of improvement result ensure you remove dirt on your car in the shade zone. Before you clean it, you need to leave the paint to slowly cool down.

Utilize car cleanser to clean since detergent will erase the away the wax. You need to pour the water and add some soapy one into your bucket until you have some froth. Wash it off to remove all the dust. You can use a cloth to clean and brush it out. It will sound better in case you do that from the bottom to the top in little segments or the other way round.

To evade earth and dust on the sponge, you need to clean or wash it some time before you plunge it into the foamy water. When cleaning all the car body, you need to rinse all the froth with a hose.

Do not forget to clean the tires. You can wipe it using a little cloth and cleanser. Wash it and rinse out all the dirt. After you wipe it, you need to dry the car with a cloth from the lower side to the upper side.

When you’re prepared for the last wash, hose the car with a medium flow of water, permitting large sheets of water to frame and to move the vehicle. This will make drying easier. Finally, dry the car thoroughly with an artificial chamois or clean cotton towels.

Cleaning your car must be something you fell good doing. It’s additionally something that is perfect for your car to maintain the outside life of the vehicle. Contingent upon where you live, cleaning your vehicle might be a fundamental piece of your life. For example, if you live close to the sea, you’ll need to clean your vehicle reasonably regularly to abstain from having salt damage done to the paint.